Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feelin' Good!!!!

This week I think I've reached a whole new level in everything that I'm doing.  Last night I finally ran a 5K!  I'm sooo proud of myself because I really never thought I would be able to do that.  I had just got my Nike+ in the mail, so I used that and I LOOOOVE it!  It's awesome because it talks in your headphones of your ipod to keep  you motivated and tell you how far you have gone.  I set it to a 5K and it kept track of my distance for me.  At the end it even congratulated me on completing my workout!  Talk about having a personal cheerleader! :)  Then you can plug it into your computer and it syncs with your Nike+ account to document your workouts and compare them.  It's sooo cool I'm glad I spent the money on it.

This morning I realized that I'm getting to the point where running really doesn't suck as badly as I thought.  I still don't LOVE it, but I do love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.  Logging my run into myfitnesspal makes me feel good, because I achieved something and everyone can see that I'm working hard.  Now I get home from work and I want to run because I know I'll feel good afterwards.  I also am big on convincing myself in my head to keep going.  One of the main things I say is "There's people without legs in this world who would kill to be running right now!  Don't be selfish and KEEP GOING!!!!"  Sounds kind of dumb but it really does help.

In order to keep going after the mud run, Jenn and I signed up for Fitzy's Run a 5K that supports Lauren's Foundation.  This is an important cause for my sorority because she was a sister in my chapter who passed away from a brain tumor.  Our chapter volunteers at the event every year, but I'm really excited to finally be able to participate in it!  After that, we're looking into doing Turkey Trot a 5 Mile run on Thanksgiving.  I think it would be awesome to be able to run 5 miles by then!  Never in my life would I ever have thought that I would be setting goals to run that far, but it feels great!

I'm really trying to use this whole thing for a huge self improvement.  I've incorporated workout time into my class schedule in order to make it a routine.  Working out shouldn't be a hassle, it should be part of life and that's what I want to make it.  Jenn said a great thing this morning about how she no longer wants to just "get by" but she wants to LIVE, and I totally agree.  Now is the time to make the most of my  life and get it to where I want to be.  And I'm PUMPED to do it! :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Going on vacation lead to me neglecting this for a few weeks.. but I'M BACK!  I'll go through what has gone on since then...

The week on vacation I didn't get a chance to work out.  I ran Friday night at my grandmom's which was great, but after that I was just too tired with all the walking we were doing to keep it up.  I really didn't eat great, but I also was walking all day and not eating that often so I think it kind of evened out.  I was bummed that I didn't go running like I had wanted, but at the same time I had to be reasonable with myself.  Walking for 12 hours all day is a lot of exercise, and running before/after that would not work with sore legs!
I got back into the workout swing the Monday I was back.  The other girls were running 2 miles by then, and I DIED trying to do it.  I really thought my heart was going to explode and ending up jogging/power walking it.  Surprisingly enough, the next day when we went out to run I was totally fine!  It was really weird but I guess my body just had to get used to it again.  That entire week we were running 2 miles.
This week on Monday, we ran 2 miles then did Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 Week 4!!  Week 4 was hard, but I actually liked it better than week 3 because the moves weren't crazy positions, just really tough.  After we finished that we both were feeling pretty good so we decided to go out and run another mile!  It was awesome to know that I had run 3 miles in one day, when before I NEVER would have been able to do that. Tuesday we did the No More Trouble Zones DVD which I really like.  I'm sore afterwards which makes me feel good because I know I'm working hard.  Yesterday I had to work late and then cleaned my room so I didn't have time to work out :(

So far my hardest issue with eating/losing weight has to do with drinking.  I'm in college and I love drinking it's just soooo many calories!  It puts me in such bad circumstances because I want to get fit, healthy, and skinny but I want to drink and have fun as well.  I've also thought about trying to stay away from really sugary mixers and stick with diet or club soda, but my biggest downfall for sure is beer and wine!  I just don't want to give it up, and it's so hard because I know it's messing up my progress but it's the one thing that I just don't want to get rid of.  I can manage without giving in to my urges for french fries, pizza, and ice cream but I just can't stay home when all my friends are going out to the bar!  And once I'm there I'm not going to have just 1 or 2 drinks to stay under my calorie limit.   Someone please invent calorie free alcohol!!!!!  

Besides that big issue I'm having, for some reason my weight seems to be dropping really easily this week.  I've lost about 3 pounds this week, which makes me SUPER happy!!! This is the first time I'm really even seeing weight loss.  I want to do my measurements again this week to compare from last week to see if there is any difference there as well.  Hopefully things will keep up!!! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping It Up!

Yesterday for cardio we did Jillian Michaels' Six Week 6 Pack, which incorporates ab crunching workouts with cardio moves to burn fat.  It was really intense, but I felt great after finishing it!  I am SORE today from it, and I haven't been this sore in a few weeks!  After the video we went out and ran again (luckily making it home just before the storm).  We did the same mile loop, and it felt a lot harder at the beginning but as I started getting in my groove the uncomfortable-ness wore off and I just kept going.

Today I'm going to have to work out alone, and I'm nervous but excited.  Running alone is going to be tough, but I think this will help really put my willpower to the test.  It is also a good way to prepare for next week, when I'm going on vacation to Disney (yayy!!) and will need to run on my own in the mornings to stay working.  I'm pretty nervous for next week because I doubt myself, but I know if I don't run every morning I will set myself back SOO much and that will piss me off.  I think eating while there will be tough too, but I'm planning on having a fiber one bar for breakfast, a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch, and then food at Disney for dinner.  I think the key will be making smart choices about what to get, and stopping when I'm full. I need to avoid the desire for ice cream and french fries for sure!!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stepping it Up!!!

Sorry I've been slacking on the posts lately.. I haven't had a lot to say.. But now I do!!! :)

We started week 3 of Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 yesterday and it was INTENSE!  I really loved it though because it was fast paced and I felt like the workout was over before I even realized it started.  I also thought it was pretty funny because at one point Jillian was like "You should be cursing at me!" which is something I actually do during the videos to keep me going!  After the video we went out and ran a mile which felt awesome.  We didn't stop at all, and motivated each other to keep going throughout the entire thing.  I definitely could not have run a mile straight when we first started!  Being able to do that has really motivated me to keep going and to set my goals even higher.  Completing a mile has driven me to want to do more, to run farther, and faster and better and I love it!!  

One great thing we decided yesterday is that we want to keep going, and keep using races to motivate us.  In October there is a 5K called Fitzy's run which benefits a foundation creating in honor of one of our late sorority sisters.  Not only is it a great cause, but it's perfectly timed to keep us motivated to keep working out!   I'm really excited and looking forward to completing it.

The biggest set-back for me so far has been eating.  I SUCK at controlling my cravings, and I can't resist french fries or pizza ever!  I'm really trying to find ways to satisfy my cravings in a healthier way.. and also trying to have groceries and pack lunch so I'm less tempted to order out.  I think if I can really get my eating in check I'll be so much happier and see much better results!

I've also found that technology can be an awesome asset to my health/fitness goals.  I recently started using again, which is a way to track your food and exercise along with your weight and measurements.  It also has a newsfeed where you can post statuses and comment on ones posted by your friends.  A bunch of my sorority sisters have joined which makes it more fun, and a great way to motivate all of us!  The second site I just started using today which I like it  It is a way to look at running routes done by others in your area, and a way to map your own.  You can put in your run to see how far you went, or you can make maps in advance to measure out the distance first.  Both of these have iphone/android apps too which are really great!  My favorite part of the myfitnesspal app is it has a barcode scanner, so you can enter your food in really easily that way.  Mapmyrun has a gps feature where you can track where you ran if you bring it with you.  Super cool right?!

Sooo.. last but definitely not least I'm OBSESSED with Jillian Michael's!  Not only do her workouts kick your ass, but she is an awesome person as well.  I subscribe to her daily emails, and today there was a link to snapshots of her life (  I loved the comments she wrote with each picture, so afterwards I looked for her on facebook.  What I like the most is you can tell her page isn't maintained by some publicist who puts out there what they think will make her the most money.  She's down to earth, real, and honest.  She posts personal pictures up to share with her fans, so they have some insight on her life and the person she is.  In addition, she is an animal lover which makes me respect her sooo much more.  Today I decided to purchase her book "Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life" ( which I'm super excited to read.  She is a true motivation, and I can't wait to see the additional impact she makes on my life after reading this book.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beginning of Week 4...

This morning was an important and interesting part of our journey.  Jenn and I were discussing the progress we've made, and really the lack of any noticeable difference physically.  Although I feel stronger and better about myself, the scale hasn't changed, and it hasn't for her either.  Normally, I would be upset and frustrated by this and really want to give up since it seems useless.  Something has definitely changed in me because I'm refusing to let no noticeable progress hinder me in achieving what I want.  I know that things aren't going to come easy, and that I'm going to have to work my ass off if I want to be healthy, fit, and sexy.  Personally, I'm really trying to use this mud run as motivation to make a complete lifestyle change.  I don't want to consider myself a sedentary person anymore.. I want to be an active, healthy person who loves to exercise and keep my body in shape.  Actually achieving the goals I set to workout is making me feel GREAT!  Many times before I set workout goals for myself and would make excuses for not doing it, but now I know that if I want to feel great I have to do it.  If I missed a day of working out now I would be seriously mad at myself.  I also think that even if I don't lose a lot of weight before the mud run I'll definitely know that I'm stronger.  In addition to that, I would be so proud of myself for achieving something I never thought I could before.  I think the mental development from all of this will be the most important of everything.  Getting into the mindset that exercising is fun and necessary for a healthy life will be worth way more than losing 15 pounds.  

Here's a quote that I think fits well with my post today:

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be excited about using exercise to lose weight if you hope to shed some extra pounds. But we fall off the proverbial treadmill over and over again because we’re getting on it for the wrong reasons in the first place – exercise is about far more than weight loss.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of week 3!

I'm really really proud of myself for the past few days.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I had to workout alone because of scheduling conflicts.  If it had been anytime before I'm sure I would not have done it.  Now though I'm really determined to do this and in turn I've been changing my behavior to include working out as part of my daily routine.  It's really exciting!  Never before have I been the kind of person who was self motivated to work out and now that I am it feels great!  I'm even thinking of working out today even though it's my rest day just because I want to!  I'm really glad we decided to do this mud run, I think it's making a huge positive impact on my life to the point where eventually I will be the active person I want to be.  I'm also very proud of the other girls for continuing to do the workouts on their own too.  All of us together really work to keep up the motivation!  I know if I hadn't done a workout they would have been disappointed in me and I would have been mad at myself.  It really works to have other people involved with your workout goals, especially if you're the kind of person who gives up easily (like I was).  I think another thing that is helping is doing workout dvds.  If I had to go ti the gym or go outside in this heat to run I would definitely have given up by now.  Yet because I can do things in the comfort of my own home I'm more motivated toboush myself and not be embarrassed by how I look or if I can't do something right.  Jillian Michaels also keeps me motivated to keep going because of the way she talks during her workouts.  She'll say things about how change doesn't come unless you're uncomfortable and how we are all able to do so much more than we think we can.  In addition her workouts are designed so well that I feel like I'm really getting a productive workout in.  Working out this much and getting on my way to be fit is really making me happy and I love the way I feel!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26

Yesterday was cardio.  The workout was still REALLY tough, but I felt like I could do it a little better than last time.  One thing we noticed that we really like about Jillian Michael's workouts is when we really think we want to give up, she switches the exercise.  This makes it easier to continue on, and push ourselves to do the next thing.  We also decided that for Sundays we're going to try to just do some jump roping outside and maybe jog around the block.  This way we're still getting some exercise, but it breaks up the redundancy of doing videos.

I'm pretty nervous for the workout tonight since it was so tough last time, but hopefully this time around will be better!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week 3: Monday, July 25

Yesterday was the first day of Jillian's Ripped in 30 week 2.  Saying it was hard would be an understatement!!!  I thought week 1 was tough, this was just crazy!  I can't even imagine what week 3 and 4 are like!  Getting through this was a serious struggle, but we really tried to keep moving and modify things we couldn't do rather than give up.  Afterwards we really had to talk it up and remember that when we started the week 1 video was really hard and it got better as we continued to work.  I think this is the kind of time where it's really great to be working out with other people.  If I was on my own I probably would have quit.. it was just that hard.  I'm glad I'm doing this with other girls in order to keep myself motivated.  I'm pretty proud of all of us that we're going into week 3 and haven't quit yet!!!

I'm pretty excited because I feel like I'm starting to see results.  I feel like I'm more fit and that I may be slightly smaller (hopefully it's not just my imagination!!)  Even if there hasn't been much physical change I feel like I've grown mentally in that my discipline has increased.  I also just feel generally better and happier from getting this much exercise!  I heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, I hope that is true for this as well!  I would love for working out this much to become a habit rather than something special for these few weeks.

The 2nd Weekend

Friday, July 22: On Friday I had to work out on my own again.  It was TOUGH getting myself motivated.  With the weather so hot I was already sweaty and exhausted when I got home, and did not want to work out.  After about a half hour I finally pushed myself to get going.  Friday was the last day of Jillian's Ripped in 30 week 1, and it still kicked my butt!  I was so sore from the rest of the week, and my calves kept cramping up while I was trying to workout!  I definitely didn't do the best I could with that one, but I did get through the whole thing when I didn't even want to workout which made me pretty happy.  

Saturday, July 23: REST DAY!

Sunday, July 24: We were supposed to do cardio on Sunday, but none of us really managed to.  Sunday is a tough day to workout since we're usually hungover/exhausted from the weekend.  We decided that we will continue to try to workout Sundays, but really decide at that time.  We don't want to completely take it out of our program, but we won't get down on ourselves if it doesn't happen.  I think it's still great that we're working out 5 days a week, that's much more than we were doing before!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 2: Thursday

Thursday, July 21: The new Jillian Michael's dvd I got kicked my butt!  It was over 40 minutes long which is almost double the other dvd we do by her.  Some of the moves were really intense, and I'm really glad we decided not to use the ankle weights for the first time with it!  Even though it was really tough and I was sweating my butt off by the time we were done, I felt really great that I had finished it.  I also thought it was an intense but very beneficial workout.  I felt like after I was done I really accomplished something, and I think this dvd will be very helpful to build up our cardio endurance!  
  • Breakfast: Kashi cereal with skim milk
  • Lunch: Salad w/ lite italian, chicken, hard boiled egg, and veggies
  • Snacks: Pineapple, cheese stick
  • Dinner: quesadilla with weight watchers cheese and grilled chicken

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, July 20

Today put me through another test which I was happy to have gotten through!  All three of us were available at different times to work out, so we had to do it alone.  Getting motivated to actually work by yourself is much harder, so I was a little worried.  When I got home from work I was exhausted and really did not feel like working out.  I sat for about 10 minutes to relax and debated in my head what I wanted to do.  Eventually I can to the conclusion that I would be very disappointed in myself if I didn't do it, and so I got up and got going!

I did my favorite, the Jillian Michaels DVD (I think I can become a spokes-person for her!) with 5 lb hand weights and 2 lb ankle weights.  She kicked my butt today!  I don't know why it was so tough today since I did the same workout on Sunday, but I was really struggling through it.  I think it may have been the fact that I was really trying to push myself to do all the moves unmodified.  I felt great after I finished though, even though I was practically shaking through some of the moves, because I did it all on my own!

Food for the day:
  • Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar
  • Lunch: Salad w/ light italian dressing, 100 calorie pack of cheese, baked chicken, and cucumbers
  • Snack: Cucumbers with hummus
  • Dinner: Tuna w/ light mayo, onions, apples, and celery

Beginning of Week 2!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days!  I'll start with Monday..

July 18: We were all kind of mad we didn't get a chance to workout Sunday, so Monday we made sure to push ourselves extra hard.  We did the Jillian Michael's DVD for strength training, but increased our weights to 2 lb on ankles and 5 lb hand weights.  I definitely could tell the difference in how much harder it made it.  I had to alternate between 3 and 5 lb hand weights for some of the moves because I'm just not strong enough yet to do them all with the 5 lbs.  I felt good that I could make it through some of the moves with 5 lb weights though, it made me feel like I was making progress.  In addition, I feel like I'm getting used to the workout so I can do all the moves properly but not so used to it that I'm doing things wrong, it feels great!

July 19: I was pretty sore Tuesday from Monday's workout!  I'm really liking the pattern of doing familiar exercises but increasing the weight.  Tuesday we had a plan to workout at 4, but from some miss communication two of us ended up taking a nap! We realized it around 6, and all got up and forced ourselves to do the workout.  I'm proud of us because we were really tired and did not want to do it, but still pushed ourselves to accomplish something that day.  I know I personally didn't work as hard as I could have, but I still felt good knowing I did it rather than going back to sleep.  Earlier in the day I ordered a Jillian Michaels cardio DVD, which I think I'll really like.  I find her workouts the toughest but also the most encouraging to keep going.  I'm really excited for it to come on Thursday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The First Weekend..

This past weekend was the first to go through so far.  I didn't do a very good job sticking with my plan!  I was away for the weekend so trying to do weight watchers was really tough.  I didn't keep track of points and ate more than I should have.  I also didn't get home until late Sunday, so we didn't get to work out.  I'm disappointed that I couldn't keep things going over the weekend, but at the same time I can't be too hard on myself.  I don't want to make myself unhappy throughout this process, so I need to be a little flexible.  I don't want to strictly inhibit the things I want to do because of my dieting/exercise plan.  I'm hoping the weekends where I'm home will go better!

On another note, Friday we finished our first week of working out!  I was really proud of us for sticking to it for 6 days straight.  This upcoming week I plan on increasing my ankle weights to try to step things up.  The workouts will be much harder this way, but it's the only way to get stronger!  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 4!

Wednesday, July 13: Yesterday was tough.  I definitely didn't do as well with eating as I would have liked.  Someone brought ice cream cake into a meeting I was in, and of course I couldn't resist.  In addition, Wednesday is my favorite day at the CHOP cafeteria.  The Mediterranean station has this trio special where you can choose 3 sides with pita.  My favorites are hummus, spinach artichoke dip, and tomato/mozzarella salad.  Problem is those aren't the healthiest foods!  I didn't pack a lunch because I underestimated the points they would be before I left, yet regretted it when I began looking things up at work.  I was planning on getting a salad, but couldn't resist when the trio was there in front of me.  After eating it though I felt really guilty, and didn't like knowing I'd made it so I would have to go over my points.  This whole thing is a learning experience, and it's nice to know that breaking my diet plan makes me feel bad!!
  • Breakfast: Nutrigrain Bar
  • Snack: Ice Cream Cake
  • Lunch: Pita, Spinach Artichoke Dip, Hummus, Tomatos/Mozzarella
  • Dinner: 2 Egg Whites, 1 Whole Egg, Onions, Weight Watchers Cheese (all scrambled together)
Workout: We tried Billy's Boot Camp 8 minute intense cardio to get started.  It was good, but really short as expected.  After that we did the P90 cardio and ab ripper again.  I'm not as sore today as I was the beginning of the week, so I think I'm ready to start stepping up my game!  I'd like to try Billy's Boot Camp Cardio on Friday to see how tough he can be!  For every workout we do we've been wearing 1lb ankle weights, and I can really tell they make a difference when doing things like leg lifts and kicks!  My idea for these was that they would mimic what it would be like to be coated in heavy mud.  Hopefully it'll work, especially as we start increasing the weight!  

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 3!

Tuesday, July 12: I feel like I'm getting more into the habit of things, which is really nice!  I Resisted the urge to eat some french fries which I'm really proud of :)  The three of us are getting in the habit of making working out a priority, and being really strict about following the times we set.  This is working out great because if one of us isn't ready around the set time, we go searching for each other to make sure no one gets left behind! Go team work! :)

  • Breakfast: Nutrigrain Bar
  • Lunch: Lean Cusine Mac&Cheese, Fruit, Cheese Stick
  • Dinner: Tuna w/ light mayo, onions, and apples on a 100 calorie flat bread (it was delicious!!)
  • Snack: Hummus and pretzel flats
For our strength workout we did Jillian Michael's DVD again, it felt easier than the first time which made me happy!  I can't see results yet, but I can feel them and that's great motivation to know the more I do the easier it becomes!

Here's a motivational quote Jillian says in her DVD, I thought it was pretty great:
"Transformation is not a future event, it is a present activity" -Jillian Michaels

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days 1 & 2

I'm just starting this on day 3, so I'll back track a bit to tell you about days 1 & 2.

(Day 1) Sunday, July 10: All throughout the day I was really excited to begin this crazy journey. 

  • Breakfast: Nutrigrain Bar
  • Lunch: Turkey & Cheese on whole wheat, Cheese Stick, & Fruit
  • Dinner: Quesadilla with grilled chicken and low fat cheese
Workout time was at 6.  We decided to try the week 1 video from Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30.  We used 1 lb ankle weights to start and held 3 lb hand weights.  Jillian is one tough woman!  The workout was intense, and I really felt the burn throughout my whole body.  I really liked the ways she motivated us to keep going by using tough love.  After the workout we all agreed it was definitely intense enough and that we would use her DVD for the strength training days.

(Day 2) Monday, July 11: My whole body was sore and I probably looked really funny walking, but it felt great to know I pushed myself and worked my muscles hard!
  • Breakfast: Fiber One Bar
  • Lunch: Turkey & Cheese on whole wheat, Kraft 100 Calorie cheese bites, fruit
  • Dinner: Lean Cuisine panini
  • Snack: Apple, Special K Cracker Chips
Workout time was at 4.  For cardio we decided to try the P90 cardio video plus the ad ripper workout.  It was challenging for day 2, but I think soon we will need to step up the level if we want to complete the Mud Run.  The ad ripper was really hard though, and I'd like to start doing that every day in order to maximize core strength.

Overall the first 2 days went great, and I'm still pumped to continue!!


Welcome to my blog!  I've never written one before so hopefully it goes well.  I'm trying to use this as extra motivation to stick with my plan and achieve the goals I've set.  I figure if I have people reading this, I wouldn't want to disappoint them by slacking off!  

So here's our story:  My 2 roommates and I are three girls in college looking to challenge ourselves and get in the best shape of our lives.  This pushed us to decide to set a goal to participate in a Mud Run.  We picked the Big Bash Obstacle Dash because it gives us about 2 months to train, not too short and not too long.  The link for the event is here:

How we're training: We decided to use Weight Watchers as a way to diet and eat healthy.  We all have used the program before so we are familiar with it, and have had success in the past.  As for exercising, we are working out Sunday-Friday with Saturday as a rest day.  Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday are strength training days, and Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are cardio.  We're all pretty beginner level athletes, so we decided to use workout videos in our living room to help us learn moves that really work.  For strength training we bought Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30, and for cardio we have a variety of DVDS from Billy's Boot Camp to P90.  As we strengthen our muscles and hearts we will begin running outside through terrain to better prepare ourselves.

For me this really is a life journey.  I was a dancer my whole life and have never done anything as intense or scary as a Mud Run.  I really am looking to push myself to the limit and see what I can achieve when I put my mind to it.  I hope to develop skills I can bring with me throughout my life, and become the kind of person who loves being physically fit and exercising.  So for the next 9 weeks, follow me through my Journey to the Mud!