Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feelin' Good!!!!

This week I think I've reached a whole new level in everything that I'm doing.  Last night I finally ran a 5K!  I'm sooo proud of myself because I really never thought I would be able to do that.  I had just got my Nike+ in the mail, so I used that and I LOOOOVE it!  It's awesome because it talks in your headphones of your ipod to keep  you motivated and tell you how far you have gone.  I set it to a 5K and it kept track of my distance for me.  At the end it even congratulated me on completing my workout!  Talk about having a personal cheerleader! :)  Then you can plug it into your computer and it syncs with your Nike+ account to document your workouts and compare them.  It's sooo cool I'm glad I spent the money on it.

This morning I realized that I'm getting to the point where running really doesn't suck as badly as I thought.  I still don't LOVE it, but I do love the feeling of accomplishment afterwards.  Logging my run into myfitnesspal makes me feel good, because I achieved something and everyone can see that I'm working hard.  Now I get home from work and I want to run because I know I'll feel good afterwards.  I also am big on convincing myself in my head to keep going.  One of the main things I say is "There's people without legs in this world who would kill to be running right now!  Don't be selfish and KEEP GOING!!!!"  Sounds kind of dumb but it really does help.

In order to keep going after the mud run, Jenn and I signed up for Fitzy's Run a 5K that supports Lauren's Foundation.  This is an important cause for my sorority because she was a sister in my chapter who passed away from a brain tumor.  Our chapter volunteers at the event every year, but I'm really excited to finally be able to participate in it!  After that, we're looking into doing Turkey Trot a 5 Mile run on Thanksgiving.  I think it would be awesome to be able to run 5 miles by then!  Never in my life would I ever have thought that I would be setting goals to run that far, but it feels great!

I'm really trying to use this whole thing for a huge self improvement.  I've incorporated workout time into my class schedule in order to make it a routine.  Working out shouldn't be a hassle, it should be part of life and that's what I want to make it.  Jenn said a great thing this morning about how she no longer wants to just "get by" but she wants to LIVE, and I totally agree.  Now is the time to make the most of my  life and get it to where I want to be.  And I'm PUMPED to do it! :)

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