Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Keeping It Up!

Yesterday for cardio we did Jillian Michaels' Six Week 6 Pack, which incorporates ab crunching workouts with cardio moves to burn fat.  It was really intense, but I felt great after finishing it!  I am SORE today from it, and I haven't been this sore in a few weeks!  After the video we went out and ran again (luckily making it home just before the storm).  We did the same mile loop, and it felt a lot harder at the beginning but as I started getting in my groove the uncomfortable-ness wore off and I just kept going.

Today I'm going to have to work out alone, and I'm nervous but excited.  Running alone is going to be tough, but I think this will help really put my willpower to the test.  It is also a good way to prepare for next week, when I'm going on vacation to Disney (yayy!!) and will need to run on my own in the mornings to stay working.  I'm pretty nervous for next week because I doubt myself, but I know if I don't run every morning I will set myself back SOO much and that will piss me off.  I think eating while there will be tough too, but I'm planning on having a fiber one bar for breakfast, a turkey and cheese sandwich for lunch, and then food at Disney for dinner.  I think the key will be making smart choices about what to get, and stopping when I'm full. I need to avoid the desire for ice cream and french fries for sure!!!!

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