Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Days 1 & 2

I'm just starting this on day 3, so I'll back track a bit to tell you about days 1 & 2.

(Day 1) Sunday, July 10: All throughout the day I was really excited to begin this crazy journey. 

  • Breakfast: Nutrigrain Bar
  • Lunch: Turkey & Cheese on whole wheat, Cheese Stick, & Fruit
  • Dinner: Quesadilla with grilled chicken and low fat cheese
Workout time was at 6.  We decided to try the week 1 video from Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30.  We used 1 lb ankle weights to start and held 3 lb hand weights.  Jillian is one tough woman!  The workout was intense, and I really felt the burn throughout my whole body.  I really liked the ways she motivated us to keep going by using tough love.  After the workout we all agreed it was definitely intense enough and that we would use her DVD for the strength training days.

(Day 2) Monday, July 11: My whole body was sore and I probably looked really funny walking, but it felt great to know I pushed myself and worked my muscles hard!
  • Breakfast: Fiber One Bar
  • Lunch: Turkey & Cheese on whole wheat, Kraft 100 Calorie cheese bites, fruit
  • Dinner: Lean Cuisine panini
  • Snack: Apple, Special K Cracker Chips
Workout time was at 4.  For cardio we decided to try the P90 cardio video plus the ad ripper workout.  It was challenging for day 2, but I think soon we will need to step up the level if we want to complete the Mud Run.  The ad ripper was really hard though, and I'd like to start doing that every day in order to maximize core strength.

Overall the first 2 days went great, and I'm still pumped to continue!!

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