Friday, July 22, 2011

Week 2: Thursday

Thursday, July 21: The new Jillian Michael's dvd I got kicked my butt!  It was over 40 minutes long which is almost double the other dvd we do by her.  Some of the moves were really intense, and I'm really glad we decided not to use the ankle weights for the first time with it!  Even though it was really tough and I was sweating my butt off by the time we were done, I felt really great that I had finished it.  I also thought it was an intense but very beneficial workout.  I felt like after I was done I really accomplished something, and I think this dvd will be very helpful to build up our cardio endurance!  
  • Breakfast: Kashi cereal with skim milk
  • Lunch: Salad w/ lite italian, chicken, hard boiled egg, and veggies
  • Snacks: Pineapple, cheese stick
  • Dinner: quesadilla with weight watchers cheese and grilled chicken

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