Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of week 3!

I'm really really proud of myself for the past few days.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I had to workout alone because of scheduling conflicts.  If it had been anytime before I'm sure I would not have done it.  Now though I'm really determined to do this and in turn I've been changing my behavior to include working out as part of my daily routine.  It's really exciting!  Never before have I been the kind of person who was self motivated to work out and now that I am it feels great!  I'm even thinking of working out today even though it's my rest day just because I want to!  I'm really glad we decided to do this mud run, I think it's making a huge positive impact on my life to the point where eventually I will be the active person I want to be.  I'm also very proud of the other girls for continuing to do the workouts on their own too.  All of us together really work to keep up the motivation!  I know if I hadn't done a workout they would have been disappointed in me and I would have been mad at myself.  It really works to have other people involved with your workout goals, especially if you're the kind of person who gives up easily (like I was).  I think another thing that is helping is doing workout dvds.  If I had to go ti the gym or go outside in this heat to run I would definitely have given up by now.  Yet because I can do things in the comfort of my own home I'm more motivated toboush myself and not be embarrassed by how I look or if I can't do something right.  Jillian Michaels also keeps me motivated to keep going because of the way she talks during her workouts.  She'll say things about how change doesn't come unless you're uncomfortable and how we are all able to do so much more than we think we can.  In addition her workouts are designed so well that I feel like I'm really getting a productive workout in.  Working out this much and getting on my way to be fit is really making me happy and I love the way I feel!

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